Decentralized AI Workflow and Agent Orchestration

Make coordination around decentralized AI services & workflows simple and scalable. We're enabling the next generation of apps and use cases on decentralized infrastructure.

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Filling the gaps

The maturation of decentralized technologies and AI present huge opportunities to society. To realize the full potential, we need to increase the scale and speed at which we can operate and orchestrate.

The current Web enables scaling within organizations and platforms, but not between different organizations and platforms. This is due to limitations in accrued knowledge of deploying and orchestrating decentralized systems of services and workflows.

The architecture of the Web needs to be fundamentally re-thought from first principles, presenting an opportunity to rebuild every app from Slack to Twitter to GitHub and to reclaim the associated network value.

Filling in key missing technologies in the stack

An on-chain Task Marketplace for contracting tasks to agents, building on Contract Net Protocol & Agent Protocol standards.

Operator Nodes that orchestrate the completion of tasks using AI workflow & agent services.

An LLM Workflow Orchestration Engine that supports async messaging for running workflow steps on different nodes.

A novel Proof-of-Workflow system for verifying workflow execution.